My name is Ross and I am in long-term recovery. I first began using alcohol and marijuana by age 15, and heroin by 19. I entered short-term treatment multiple times, and was usually high the day I got out. I tried suboxone and just used it on the days when I couldn’t get heroin. I lived in my car for a while. I got arrested in Detroit for possession. I sold all my stuff and ended up all alone.

I moved to Ann Arbor and entered a transitional housing program after one of my many stays in treatment. I got really engaged in the 12-step community. I went to meetings, I did service work, I got a job making smoothies downtown. I did some things that were really hard a first, and at some point it turned into a way of life.

I have been in recovery since May 4, 2008. Today I have a job that I love and am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work.  I got married to the woman of my dreams and we had a baby.  We bought a house.  I have hobbies and friends and a beagle. My parents are proud of me and so am I.