Hello my name is Vince and my sobriety date is March 31, 2000.

I started using alcohol and drugs when I was 14 years old. Mainly I used alcohol, marijuana and hallucinogens. I still did well in school until my senior year of high school where my grades began to decline because of my substance use. I was very active in sports, band, choir and drama until I graduated. Upon graduating high school I dropped out of college and began to escalate into harder drugs like cocaine eventually leading to heroin and crack cocaine use. By the time I was 22 years of age I was fully addicted and strung out on heroin and crack cocaine. I began going to jail quite often on arrests for possession of substances and retail fraud. In and out of jails and outpatient treatment services I began to feel even more hopeless and thought I could never be sober. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be sober as I was afraid of all the damage I had done and the people I had hurt.

Eventually I was arrested with several charges and facing serious jail time when I was given the chance to go to long-term treatment. I wasn’t even from this city but they took me in and helped teach me about sobriety and what it takes to change my life. I got connected with the recovering community and met other alcoholics and addicts like myself. After completing a residential treatment stay, I lived in transitional housing and eventually became a house manager. Since getting sober, I’ve gotten married to a woman who is a wonderful partner and friend. I’ve also returned to college and worked with youth for 10 years providing treatment and being a recovery coach for them in the community. I also have moved onto working with adults in the local jail and corrections services.

During these years so far I have enjoyed the privilege of creating music and performing which I never thought I would do again because I thought I had lost my creative connection. This was simply not true. Creativity has been gifted to me and I still enjoy the pleasure of listening to music, seeing art and entertainment. I have also gained backed my family trust and have been able to help whenever I can. Sobriety is real and that is the truth!