My name is Scott and I’ve been clean and sober since 12-3-2004.

I grew up in a middle class family in a small town and from the outside looking in, it was ideal. Through family turmoil or whatever, I remember feeling different, not good enough, etc. at a very young age…for no apparent reason. My first experiences with escaping reality were mostly getting in trouble for fighting, skipping school, petty theft, smoking cigs, etc and I found my niche…with the other screw ups!

I graduated to using at the ripe age of 11, smoking marijuana and drinking pilfered liquor occasionally. Soon after that doing all kinds of hallucinogens, pills, speed, cocaine…you name it all through junior high and high school. I had a sort of normal life until the fateful day I agreed to try heroin, this day would change my life forever. I fought this demon for 25 years and lots terrible stories and events (like we all have). I completed 11 inpatient and 5 or 6 outpatient rehab programs over the years, and would usually get out and use. I continuously¬†confused abstinence with recovery and never made any significant changes. I even had 3.5 years clean one time in the 90’s, and started thinking I had the answers again…

When I went to prison for the second time in 2004, something extraordinary happened! I felt a tremendous sense of relief and I knew it was finally over…I knew I didn’t have to use again! I stayed clean those 3 years and participated in all the 12 step meetings that were available.

Today I have been clean and sober for over 14 years. I have rekindled family relationships (particularly with my daughter) and made amends where applicable. I have learned how to really care about others and be of service. I have learned how to ask for help when I need it. I have learned how to be honest. I have a sponsor that I work with and I sponsor other men. I have been in the same Monday night men’s group for 9 years now, and this has been instrumental in my program. I have real friends today and we care about and depend upon each other. I have built my small business back up and truly take pride in doing good work for a fair price. I remain fairly active in the recovery community and am a regular at several meetings. I actually can’t imagine a richer or more fulfilling life than I have today! I am as always, eternally grateful for this life that has been so freely given to me and humbled by the men and women who came before me!